Thorzt Hydration Backpack Black 2L


Premium Black Backpack

Cut down time wasted refilling drink bottles at the water cooler and increase workplace productivity with the Hydration Backpack from THORZT Sub Zero Gear

Featuring a stylish, slimline design, this 2L Hydration Backpack fits comfortably on the worker’s back, providing ready access to hours of cold, fluid replenishment, wherever the worker goes.

Workers who drink when they are thirsty typically replace only half the fluid lost through sweat. Conversely, workers who engage in Program Drinking maintain optimal hydration levels and do not become dehydrated. Program Drinking involves drinking small amounts of fluid frequently. “Ensure you have access to fluid at regular intervals - the THORZT Hydration Backpck keeps hydration on person at all times.

Stylish, slimline design

  • 2 litre bladder
  • Closed cell insulation keeps water cool for hours
  • Velcro tabbed protective cover
  • Fully adjustable straps with quick release buckle to reduce risk of snag injuries V-Form retro reflective strips for low light visibility 3 waterproof zip pockets

Neoprene insulated hydration tube:

  • 5.5mm diameter rapid liquid flow tube 
  • Quick release for easy cleaning 
  • Bite valve automatic flow/shut-off for hands free hydration
  • UV resistant


2L bladder:

  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (PVA), BPA-Free 
  • Large 55mm diameter filling port (accommodates addition of ice) 
  • Flexible, shock-proof
  • Slide lock opening for hygenic cleaning



Bladder: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), BPA-Free 

Backpack: 600D Polyester


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