Sugary Drinks Vs Quality Electrolyte Drinks

Sugary Drinks Vs Quality Electrolyte Drinks

9th Nov 2017

We all know that sugary drinks aren't good for us, yet it's still a huge problem. Its commonplace to see people walking out of the local servo or deli with a high sugar drink.

Being prepared and having quality electrolyte drinks in your bag is the key to ensuring you stay hydrated and avoid the sugar crash that always makes you crave another hit and doesn't quench your thirst.

With tradies often working in hot conditions in multiple layers of clothing and PPE, high sweat rates means the replacement of fluids and lost sodium is critical to maintaining hydration and ensuring safety and productivity. 

However, given many tradies fit into the 19-30 year-old category of the “biggest consumers” of sugary drinks, educating them on the importance of healthy hydration with water and low-sugar or zero-sugar drinks is critical.

The replacement of sodium, electrolytes and amino acids lost during periods of heavy sweating is also important. While eating well should normally fulfil dietary requirements, a loss of appetite is common during exercise or when working in the heat, in which case a low-sugar electrolyte drink with added amino acids is ideal.

Thorzt offer a low sugar and sugar free option with many flavour options as well as a choice of liquid or powder.

Furthermore, beverage taste may encourage fluid consumption and hydration maintenance.

Give your body what it needs and try to avoid the high sugar options.  

See the table below for some comparisons.

Figure 1.0 Sugar Content of Sports Drinks | Source: values added)

Sports drink Sugar per 100ml Sugar per bottle
Grams Tsps Grams Tsps
Lucozade Orange 380ml 14 .1 3.5 53.6 13.4
Lucozade Original 380ml 9.1 2.3 34.6 8.6
Maximus 1 litre* 7.6 1.9 76 19
Powerade Mountain Blast 600ml* 7.3 1.8 43.6 11
Powerade Berry Ice 600ml* 7.3 1.8 43.6 11
Gatorade Fierce Grape 600ml 6 1.5 36 9
Gatorade Tropical 600ml 6 1.5 36 9
THORZT Low Sugar 3.37 0.8 20.22 5
Note: 1 teaspoon = 4g
*Sugar includes maltodextrin