​Does alcohol impact health and hydration?

​Does alcohol impact health and hydration?

26th Jan 2019

Aussies in general love a drink, but the levels consumed among workers often leads to increases in dehydration and physical issues.

The “six before 6 and nine before 9” approach taken by some workers is enough to cause both short and long term problems.

In the long term overindulging with alcoholic drinks on a regular basis is known to increase your risk of cancer. The Cancer Council Australia estimated that about 3’200 cases of cancer in Australia (or 2.8% of all cancers) in 2010 were attributable to alcohol consumption. Liver disease, heart problems and mental health issues are other risks.

In the short term symptoms of too much alcohol or just too often include longer recovery times from exercise, slower healing times of injuries, sleep disturbance, impaired decision making and poor food choices.

Alcohol in large doses impairs your glucose output, this is critical in endurance performance. Productivity of a worker who consumes more than a few drinks after a day on the tools will likely be significantly lower.

While this might not motivate most people to consider how much they are drinking, if you are training at the gym you are also likely to see significantly reduced results in your training.

Alcohol is also a major cause of weight gain, while the drinks themselves will provide extra calories it’s the poor food choices that are often made after those few drinks that will pile on the kilos! Just 2 beers is enough to slow fat metabolism by 73%.

It has also been noted that alcohol consumption decreases your work tolerance in both high and low ambient temperatures, which could contribute to heat stress. Already a major problem on industrial sights.

Alcohol is also a depressant and high use directly affects your brain function and alters brain chemicals. Considering mental health disease is the leading cause of sickness, absence from work and long term work incapacity. Educating ourselves on the dangers of drinking too much is essential.

If you do enjoy a drink, moderation is the key! Eating well and staying hydrated on a daily basis will help balance out the negative effects. Replacing lost electrolytes and vitamins are also beneficial so if you are having a drink or 2 consider having a bottle of Sugar Free Thorzt solo shot when you get home.

Happy Australia Day