Are you a Weekend Warrior!

Are you a Weekend Warrior!

12th Feb 2019

Many of us get through the work week and look forward to spending the weekend moving our bodies and engaging in a sport or hobbies that often see us out in the heat.

Do you take the time to hydrate well beforehand?

50% of us start our activities dehydrated, yet it doesn't need to be this way. This not only influences how we get through our game or chosen activity but how well we recover and feel for the rest of the day.

Moving your body is not only essential for your long term health and wellbeing but it is also excellent for our mental health, releasing endorphins that make us feel great. It's the sense of community that being a part of group activities creates that leaves us feeling content.

We generally only realise that things aren't working well when we feel sick and fatigued and then start to think about how we can do better. Common complaints are a thirst that you just can't quench, fatigue or extra muscle soreness.

It's not just about water, it's about your electrolyte balance, magnesium, branch chain amino acids and B and C group vitamins. All the minerals needed to keep the body fuelled and performing well.

Starting with a good diet before and after training is vital but adding in key electrolytes while training can have a huge impact.

Our bodies are made up of over 60% water so although water should be your main source of hydration, when we lose more fluid than we replace and don't eat at the right times, it becomes even more important to supplement.

Its all about knowledge and listening to your body.

Thorzt was created by athletes who know the huge impact that recovery plays in getting the most out of your body and with this in mind set out to create the optimum formula that became Thorzt!

Try it today and see the benefits!